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Stephen King

Stories are not made they are found

In our work in the corporate world we are often asked to help our clients ‘come up’ with a story. ¬†Especially our clients whom are about to embark on a new organisational change or have a new major project. ¬†Once they have their key messages, they often give us a call to see if we […]

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The Slap

Her is another example of the power of storytelling when attempting to influence. Storytelling is not a gift it is a skill that can be taught and learnt.

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Authenticity in business storytelling

In this video post, Yamini Naidu explores the importance of authenticity in business storytelling. Why do your stories need to be both factually true and authentically true? Why you need to believe in the purpose of your story and for congruence betwen your stories and your actions.

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